Thursday, February 14, 2008

Making Cloaks for Gentlemen

Very productive day completing the gentleman. I have elongated his torso to keep all the elements spaced the way I like them, but it is not immediately obvious or jarring. More of a Mannerist affectation which I think fits with the ornamentation of the setting.

The hand grips the pillow. I am very pleased with the gesture of the hand gripping the scarf. Here I have filled in a face for the Fate holding the shroud. And given her some wavy red hair. There is still so much to do! The patterned carpet, the sewing box, the velvet footstool, the fur, and I hope to add a bowl of flowers to the right corner, the last panel of the screen is yet undone (mostly because it's difficult to reach from my seat, so I keep saying I'll do it later).

1 comment:

Niall said...

The design on the panels are perfect for the setting.Very stylish and eye grabbing.I've also only just noticed the vase in the corner..this is indeed a rich composition..its fascinating to see your close up photos..and the hand and the scraf are rendered well.