Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making Cloaks

Here is the finished painting. "Making Cloaks for Gentlemen". I had a good time learning about painting different opulent textures, and throwing in a rare self-portrait. I am very pleased with this piece. The colors really pop. It is a large work- 30" x 40"- the largest of this series so far.

I hope you've enjoyed watching this piece develop. Some trivia- the blonde fate is holding left-handed scissors in her right hand. What could that mean? It was a complete accident, but I suppose I better find a good meaning for it now, I mean, I'm not re-doing it. Balls to that. A new painting begins next week.


Niall said...

Brilliant..your attention to the details makes this painting something special..the paterns and textures add to the decadant feeling .

Julie Schuler said...

I know! Too ambitious! Now you'll expect good work from me all the time!