Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crooked Man

I began to work up the shadowed curtain and the flesh of the foreground figure. The man in the foreground is entirely invented. I am feeling comfortable enough with my flesh-rendering that I think I can pull it off. The man in the background comes and goes. I think he is too big here.
A close up of the leg and foot. It still needs more solidity, but it's coming along.
Here is a better shot of the curtain. The background man is out! I will have to redo him at a better size. Sorry about the lamp glare. Here is how it stood at the end of Day 2. I began to sketch out the interior of the theater in green. Added a little bit of light and sheen to the stage.


The Grunt said...

I love how contorted the man is. The folds of the abdomen are particularly grotesque. I can't help but think of the obscenity of the unconscious stage. The chaos is thrilling. Then, to put the leaf on for modesty just adds enough order to the situation to render it totally absurd. I love it.

Julie Schuler said...

"obscenity of the unconscious stage". I like it! I got the idea of the leaf from a vintage anatomical photo of a malformed patient. It is bizarre, but there was a painted leaf over the man's genitals, while the rest of him appeared to be fair game for gawking at.

I have become very interested in early anatomical texts, and the way modern medicine has tried to "sterilize" it's roots. But the drive for knowledge is so often intertwined with the erotic and the desire for transgression... this will have to be a whole new series of works!

Devil Mood said...

It's quite big, isn't it?
I guess I've been seeing Niall's works for too

Julie Schuler said...

dm- this piece is 24" x 36". I keep meaning to put the sizes under the titles, but I'm lazy about that.

Tys on Ice said...

u got the grotesque and movement pretty well..

but tht leaf is really small

not the luckiest man in the world, is he?

Julie Schuler said...

ty- it's just really cold in the theater.

Niall said...

I love it..the grotesque'ness is disturbing/fascinating/sublime. You always create such a rich experience!!!