Thursday, May 22, 2008

In My Lady's Chamber

Here I've begun to work from the left side. I really, really enjoyed putting in the sepia-toned picture hanging on the wall. It is from a photograph I found of a woman demonstrating the "Simms position" for gynecological examination. I suppose that her back being turned toward the examiner ensures her modesty while giving the gynecologist access. I dunno. I wouldn't want any super-cold antique metal speculums sneaking up on me from behind!

Close ups on the details. The silver fringes on the canopy, the mirrorframe, the picture on the wall. I added some plaster busts of children, infants... no one can know what became of them. It has very much to do with the anxiety of motherhood and mortality. This is how I left it. I obliterated the exit. Because we can't leave this. This tableau. This is all we have.

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