Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sacred Heart Portrait

The progression on my first day delving into the portrait. The client chose "peacock feathers", blues, grays, greens, as the color palette. I incorporated these colors in the drapery, and used thalo blue very sparingly in the highlights. It's a nice peacock blue.

Then I got out my trusty ruler and drew in the damask wallpaper pattern. And I spent the next six or seven hours painting the pattern on in a mixture of black + thalo blue. It was tiresome and confusing, even though at first glance it's not that dfficult a pattern. The results, I think, were well worth the effort.

If you are interested in a custom portrait you can e-mail me at or

I have been wondering how it would be to paint someone into a "scene" from an old black and white sci-fi or horror movie. If you would like to be eternally, artistically recorded shooting at evil robots and getting away in your tricked out rocketship, perhaps with your significant other, then you're the person I want to hear from. My rates are very reasonable.


Niall said...

It's looking really good Julie..this is what you do so well.

The Grunt said...

I like your ideas about painting people into old movie posters. I can see it now: I'm starring in Forbidden Planet.

nonizamboni said...

Being an expert on peacock blue and all, plus I love thalo, I say bravo. This is an interesting composition--and beautiful pattern--will look forward to seeing it finished with the heart intact.