Friday, August 1, 2008

Polish Landscape

I am doing a series of landscapes of Polish woods and countryside because I have not done many landscapes and I think it's something I should tackle. For the longest time, I have not painted anything without some sort of face. Usually paintings without a human or human-esque subject have bored me, but I feel I owe the genre due diligence. So I am having a stab at it. I have chosen five more scenes to depict, and I will post my progress here as I make it. My deadline for these is... the end of August, so they will be popping up now and then.


Niall said...

I too find it odd to make a piece without human/humanesque occupancy.But the public like landscapes and it's a discipline that enables you to develop your attention to natural subjects...I think when you come to paint your more 'regular' subjects, you'll find the experience you glean from this excersise will be've made a pleasing painting...the sunlight effect is good too.I'll look forward to seeing the others.

The Grunt said...

Beautiful! As for Niall's comment, um, ol' Vinny Van Gogh didn't build his legacy on sad clowns and Bob Ross is a personal hero of mine;)

Julie Schuler said...

I love to watch Bob Ross, or Mr. Rogers, when I'm having a hectic day. Every once in a while you've got to reset to "mellow". I am just hoping to make a few competent landscapes, it's going to help me immensely when I get to my "Forest" series of paintings which I'm plotting and researching right now.