Monday, January 19, 2009

Pet Portrait. Cat and Bunny

Here is my process, as I've begun another pet portrait. I was very excited that this client has tastes similar to mine. She is allowing me to put in the damask wallpaper and a Victorian wing chair. As you can see, I tore up some of my Architectural Digests looking for some good source material. I was instructed to keep this on the "cool" side with blues and tans and gold. At first I put in more of a thalo blue and brown damask, but it looked too distractfully modern. For all the curclicues of victorian decor, real victorian decor is not "distracty", so I redid it in a softer blue and gold damask. Then I put in a blue chair before I remembered my client asked for tan. So I changed it. The last thing I did was change the white roses to yellow, and I only decided that at the very end of the session, so I did not get to altar them or add the greenery that I intend to add.

Now the only thing that's missing are the pets!

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