Monday, February 23, 2009

Still Life: Masks at Carnivale

Some details of my work in progress, and a wide shot, so you can see I'm about half way through with this big daddy. I hope you enjoy the close up of the mask. I always think of painting as having "slow" and "quick" parts. I remember David Lynch talking about artwork in that way. Things that glitter, eyes, teeth, claws, water, windows, all those glisteny places of action are the "quick" parts. I have put a lot of "quick" parts into this mask. I love the glisteny quick parts, but remember, they would be nothing without the "slow" parts! Like, Charlie Babbitt without Raymond Babbitt- just an asshole.

I almost always watch that movie, whenever it's on TV. I'm transfixed.


Niall said...

The crackle glaze effect is good on the white did you do that?..

Julie Schuler said...

I did it with my paintbrush.