Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Erin and The Goats

Making progress on this portrait. It is a very difficult angle for a portrait, and probably not one I would have chosen. Plus, the source image is a little on the small side. Erin always reminded me somewhat of Winona Ryder, in her pre-klepto era. She has very nicely shaped eyes and lovely skin. If I were as good-looking, I would have chosen a very big picture of my face. I do, however, very much approve of the inclusion of goats. It shows taste and good breeding.


5thsister said...

This is looking great! I enjoy seeing your works in progress. It gives one a better appreciation of the talent and skill that goes into creating these wonderful art pieces.

I have something for you. Please stop by to pick it up!

Chris Tea said...

Looking good. I always thought goats were a bit mystical and magical looking. That does look like a difficult angle, reminds me of a portrait I did of my sister on her bike.

Julie Schuler said...

I love that goats have keyhole shaped pupils. They are awesome. I wish I had some goats. We have a little animal park nearby- I could spend all day in the goat pen, except the llamas come up and sort of scare me.