Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Typewriter Painting

This typewriter painting is by artist Christy Boyer. I got it for my husband for Christmas and had originally intended to let him hang it in his writing room. We both love this painting so much, though, we decided to hang it in the bedroom. This photo really does not do it justice. The colors are so rich and just right, with that industrial, archaic kind of office green and really great aged ocher. I am sooooo very pleased with this piece. See her other kinds of work here.
I especially think this tea ornament is cute

But do not miss some more of her paintings proper!

This one is Joan Marries Fire from the Joan of Arc series. I love the colors of her garment.

This one is called 1945. Look at the floral pattern! It's gorgeous, and she researches period textiles to get the inspiration for these prints, and the work is well worth it.


5thsister said...

I adore that Joan of Arc painting! Absolutely beautiful. I wish I could see the typewriter painting up close. I was thinking it would be perfect for a home office or library! But the bedroom is perfect since you both love it and can both enjoy it.

Chris Tea said...

epic comment ahead. So...I'm all behind on your blog and this is what pops up when I hop back on? Oh wow, you are too kind to me. Its been an emotional week for me, Julie, and I have to admit, I may have needed a little something special.

I loved our trade. I think there are few things better than an artist's trade. To me, it says mutual respect: a wonderful thing. We're headed into the mountains today, so will be offline for a while, but I'll be back here as soon as I can.

Oh, I LOVE you sketches down below. Lots of anticipation there...

Oh, and thank-you 5thsister!

moneythoughts said...

Nice painting of the typewriter. I like it too.