Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How I Paint Miniature Portraits

First, I paint the whole cameo with one soft background color. It hardly matters which color, usually a goldish, or faintly greenish, or mauvish. The portrait usually takes up the majority of the cameo anyway. The background color helps seal the plaster, so it doesn't keep absorbing the paint as I paint.

You can see two of my detail brushes here. Pretty small, and they get used up quickly. I'm always having to buy brushes, I'm tough on them.

Then I usually do a sketch in dark colors, hunter green, burnt umber, and maybe a little black.


My name is PJ. said...

You gotta love an artist who oversimplifies what it is she does!

Do you pencil sketch?

I could read posts about your work every single day and not be bored.

moneythoughts said...

Have you ever given any thought to using gesso over the plaster as a sealer? I am sure paint works, but gesso, I think, would make your colors look brighter.

Debbie said...

Was this a god given talent? Or did you actually take classes? I am always so impressed with people who can paint! I tried my hand at it once or god given talent here:)

lissa said...

I'm still wondering how you can paint in such small sizes & quite amaze a the results

Viki said...

You must have good eye sight. That you can paint so small in such detail.

Mumsy said...

That's amazing how you can fit in details in such a small place.

AJ "Rohzi" Ellington said...

Your ability to downsize an image is astounding. Back when I used to draw, I was able to do exact size replicas or only make them smaller by a little, but never to the magnitude with which you do it.

Oh, and I'm the worst painter in the world, lol. I was only decent with a pencil.

Great work!