Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Story Illustration May 5, 2010

I've managed to cover all the area, but I still need to go back and tinker with the boy's appearance. He needs something, a little more of a pathological fuzziness about him. He's missing "it". It's strange, because the little girl sprung straight out of my brush already with "it". What's this kid's problem?


Kass said...

With one hand on the object and the other on his cheek, he's both contemplative and active. His face is rather cherubic, but I'm sure you'll work out whatever is bothering you. It has a mysterious quality already. The curly hair adds a lot.

lissa said...

I think his face now has a curious look which I like better than the last version

it's always fun to see the before and after

Tina said...

So great to watch this unfold. What is he thinking about? He looks a bit melancholy to me.

Mumsy said...

His face expresses surprise to me, like he is seeing something unexpected..

The one below, he is a little devil-ish in his smile..Both are beautiful.