Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bentleyville Day 10

I tried to work outside, which I didn't really like. Maybe because it was just too hot. and very humid. I have half of the portraits finished now, and I'm already feeling a bit sad that it's half over.


Rebecca Anthony said...

It's looking incredible Julie!!

Sue said...

Your progress is remarkable, but I know what you mean about almost being sorry it's over. I feel that way when I'm writing sometimes.


dawnzee said...

I admire your courage! I'm generally intimidated w/ portraits as people expect a photo-realistic finish rather than what one perceives about a subject as an artist. I cheat a lot w/ tracing paper and graphite to make carbon copy sketches from photos.

It is a great looking piece.

Jo said...

your progress is amazing, but i understand what you mean about being sad that it is almost over.

moneythoughts said...

Really nice work Julie. The painting is so much more expressive than the photograph, in my opinion. I hope you will have it framed. It is a real treasure.

I feel the same way at the end of a project sometimes and sometimes I am just glad to stop painting. Good books hit me the hardest when they end.