Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bentleyville- Day 16

Working the same area, but I think I've got that 3/4ths turned man finally pinned down. I wonder what makes some faces so easy to translate while others are so elusive.

Here is an octopus with a top hat.
You don't see an octopus with a top hat?
Well, it WILL be an octopus with a top hat. You'll see.


Tina said...

Yeah, he looks real. Waiting for the hand of the gentleman behind him...and of course, the octopus...

Sue said...


Love the octopus in embryo.


mrs. c said...

Thank you so much for voting on my photo! I cannot believe that it is now fall...the temperture was 95 degrees today, how is your weather? Your artwork is amazing, I think that you are such a talented artist!