Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Portrait Day 7

I think I'm about done. I will check it over and post the finished pics tomorrow, definitely.
Also, I am open to taking commissions. Here are my most requested sizes and their prices. The cost is the same no matter how many people in your portrait. So dig up some really great group photos and give me a ring. Request at

8" x 10" (on paper, all other sizes on canvas).....$90
9" x 12".........$100
11" x 14"........$200
16" x 20"........$300
18" x 24"........$400
22" x 28"........$500
24" x 36"........$600


Niall young said...

I imagine you're really pleased with this..and so you should be! The lighting is brilliant and the various characters ooze personallity.They've each be embued with your particular 'flavour' for want of a better word.:-)

Rebecca Anthony said...

You are such an inspiration!! This looks incredible and will be a treasure forever!

Sue said...

This would be a great Christmas present for my son and DIL. I am thinking about which photo they might like and will be in touch.


Tina said...

This is beautiful. And wow, are your prices reasonable! Time to dig up photos...I'm thinking that some of the cruise pictures would be great...Really nice portrait, Julie. Like Niall said, they ooze personality.