Wednesday, March 2, 2011

After Dinner Diversion no. 1 and 2

Here is number one. I've decided to go with a green and salmon color combo throughout. Also, I'm purposefully emulating the style of Henry Holiday's illustrations of Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark. This heroine is having a dinner party. I've modeled her after me, it's more like me from ten years ago, before my kids gave me this crease on my forehead, but still, a lot like me.

Here is our first dinner guest. He's a saucy one. Entirely invented. I'm not sure who he's inspired by. There are always characters rattling around my thinkbox. Maybe when he's fleshed out you can tell me who he reminds you of.


5thsister said...

This is a style I had not seen you use before! I like it! Definitely snarky, for sure.

Sue said...

I like it, too. Definitely has a new flavor.


Kass said...

Love that stylized version of you.
And love the color scheme.
He reminds me of George Sanders. You're probably too young to know of this actor. Hopefully, Google has images of him. I'm off to check that out.