Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Scott Johnson's Book Out There!

Scott A. Johnson is a professional author specializing in horror and true ghost stories. He is also a teacher. He currently has ten books in print and is the Paranormal Studies Editor for Dread Central. In his free time, he teaches Kajukenbo karate, hunts ghosts, and spends time with his wife and two daughters. He is a really nice guy!

Here is what he is trying to do in his own words:

"I want to further my writing career by continuing my successful book series, The Stanley Cooper Chronicles. The previous two books in the series, Vermin and Pages, were both very successful from a small-press standpoint. But I'm trying to continue that success and take it to the next level with book three of the series, Ectostorm. Stanley Cooper was an ordinary guy until he took a nasty fall in an industrial accident, which left him clinically dead for three minutes. He was revived, but now he can see dead people, ghosts and disturbed spirits. Not only that, but he can also see the living energy that surrounds all living things in the world. Along with his girlfriend, Maggie (herself a practicing witch), and a host of other supporting characters, Stanley has to come to terms with what he is and the weird things that threaten Pittsburgh, and the world.

To achieve my goal, I intend to use this money to purchase promotional materials (t-shirts, bookmarks, etc.) to send out along with review copies. I will also purchase a new computer on which I can write the book as my old laptop is on its last legs. My sincere hope is I can use the money to make this book my most successful to date.

Should you want to find out more about my work or me, you can always visit my website,, friend me on Facebook, or even follow me on Twitter. I'm for real. I'm a real, traditionally published writer who is struggling to keep his career going.

Incidentally, I do also have a "day job," but it doesn't allow me to save enough to buy a new computer. Anything extra I do get usually goes to my two daughters."

You can see his little writer face talking to you at this link, and then how can you say no?! It doesn't take a lot, just kick in a couple of bucks and help an independent artist make good.
Link to Scott's project on Kickstarter!

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