Thursday, July 28, 2011

The New Father

Here is a little portrait- 5" x 7" on paper. I culled another photo from my family album and gave it whirl. Even though this picture had the same kitchen wallpaper as the one I rendered in a birthday picture I did a little while ago, I left it out. It was too busy for the composition with all it's pots and pans and ducks and tea kettles! I felt this was better simple. I pulled up some details that were very dark in the original photo, like the boots, and the coat and hat hanging on the doorknob. The infant is me, but the man is not my father. It is a family friend who is trying me on for size. I think his name was Pete. It's a nice little composition, though, you don't need to know all the backstory.

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spags said...

i love this one. brilliant.