Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three Women in the Kitchen

Portrait from a vintage photo. Three women in a kitchen. The top picture shows the finished portrait. The bottom photos are various shots of how the painting tied up at the end.
I am a painter with over twenty years of experience.
If you want a portrait my rates are as follows:
For a straightforward portrait-
9" x 12".....$100.00
11" x 14"....$200.00
16" x 20"....$300.00
18" x 24"....$400.00
22" x 28"....$500.00
24" x 36"....$600.00
If you want fantasy elements and embellishments, add $50.00 to the base prices above.
Contact me about commissions at


Jenny said...

Julie. I don't see any blood in this painting? If you had three women in a kitchen wouldn't there certainly be some?

Christy said...

Its a little eirie too. I like that. You are incredible with facial expressions and I love the tummy sticking out of the woman in the orange dress. Ooo! And she's in the mirror!

spags said...

you captured the kitchen exactly as i remember it being. it was one of the coziest places ever... and you nailed it. mad talent- that's what u have.