Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sofa Cheat

Some of you might remember when I reupholstered my sofa- over a year ago! What I didn't tell anyone until now is that I totally cheated there, at the end. I made the cushion covers, but didn't put the zippers in them. I just safety pinned them shut and put them on the sofa that way. So here I am, coming clean, and finally putting my zippers on. It's still not entirely done. I want to put extra fabric around the bottom back of the sofa, with cording through it for a little extra designer touch. But since the sofa is against the wall, I will probably not do it any time soon. Maybe next year!

1 comment:

5thsister said...

I bet that's a load off your shoulders! ;o) Safety pins or no...lovely work!