Monday, February 20, 2012

Teal Shawl

I have a large cone of cotton and wool blend fingering weight yarn. I've decided to try something new. I'm going to knit a square shawl from the center out. That requires starting on five double pointed needles. I bought some dpns to make socks, but I can't make socks at all. If I make one, the second one comes out looking different. I gave up on the socks, but at least I found a use for my dpns. This represents about 20 minutes work, making three rounds of knitting. It's very hard not to twist your work at the beginning, and your lap is full of needles pointing every which way. I'd call it harrowing. All I have to show you today is this little sphincter. Will I succeed? Will I give up? Place your bets!


nonizamboni said...

You are a 'winner' in my book! I laughed as I read this post because dpn-s are just so crazy yet productive. I feel a bit 'challenged' when I try to make socks too.
Love the color of your new project.

Happy Monday, Julie!

Sue said...

Wonderful color!