Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Young Couple

More of a commission in progress. I have a habit, when I have two subjects, of drawing one of the subjects, and painting the other subject. While I am assiduously trying to get every line and color in place in the female subject, I sneak dabs and blotches and shadows and highlights onto the male subject. I suppose I should work the painting up all at once in the same style. I don't know why they even turn out looking like they belong in the same painting, I use such different techniques!
If you would like to see your work in progress, I have very reasonable rates, and I'm easy to work with.
I am a painter with over twenty years of experience.
If you want a portrait my rates are as follows:
For a straightforward portrait-
9" x 12".....$100.00
11" x 14"....$200.00
16" x 20"....$300.00
18" x 24"....$400.00
22" x 28"....$500.00
24" x 36"....$600.00
If you want fantasy elements and embellishments, add $50.00 to the base prices above.
Contact me about commissions at julie_schuler@comcast.net

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