Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blue Dragon, A Sweater and Snuff Box

Here are some pictures of my blue dragon embroidery in progress.
And here is a sweater I made for a friend. A shawl collar cardigan from a vintage pattern I adapted in sport weight wool, a color called "bramble heather". I finished this sweater with very nice vintage, art deco celluloid buttons.

 I always look for something to watch on Netflix whilst knitting. Something that won't be too taxing, that I can watch with half an eye. I picked Snuff Box quite out of the blue. It's a British sitcom created by Matt Berry and Richard Fulcher. It's really dark and really funny. I think I watched the whole series at least twice during the time I was knitting and sewing the sweater together. I would recommend it to anyone with a dark sense of humor. Here is a link to Snuff Box on Amazon.

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GardenofDaisies said...

Julie, your sweaters are always wonderful!! And that dragon is marvelous. My nephew would LOVE it!