Saturday, April 12, 2014

TMBG. Jacobean Embroidery. Day of the Dead Embroidery

 I really liked the part Jacobean, part Day of the Dead embroidery I just finished:
And I wanted to do another one, a larger one, and make it more musical. Skeletons playing instruments are always fun. But I didn't want to make a regular sombrero-wearing day of the dead skeleton band because there are already lots of those.
 So I'm making a They Might Be Giants, Jacobean, Day of the Dead, Embroidery project.  Here it is sketched out on canvas, blanket stitched all around, two times, and ready to go. 16" x 16"
I'm pleased with the composition, and I think it will make a nice textile piece though I haven't decided yet if I'll mount it on a stretcher or make it into a pillow.
Maybe when I'm finished I'll submit it to the TMBG are OK Tumblr!

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