Friday, May 23, 2014


Original 8" x 10" acrylic painting on thick, acid-free paper. A rabbit man and a tortoise man meet in the dark woods. It seems they are practicing plastromancy, the art of divining what will be from the shell of a turtle, also called an oracle bone. Even though Tortoise Man helps him by holding the ink, Rabbit Man looks dejected, perhaps because he just realized that "slow and steady wins the race". The shell also is written with other familiar morals such as: It is useless to try to outwit time. Fine feathers do not make fine birds. What is bred in the bone will never out the flesh, and others. Forespoken.  You can find this painting and more at My Good Babushka.
The painting does not include the black bars used here for formatting, nor the "My Good Babushka" watermark that was included here for security purposes.

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