Saturday, May 10, 2014

Jacobean, Day of the Dead, They Might Be Giants Embroidery

I have done a whole bunch of Day of the Dead Embroideries. I wanted to do another one, a bigger one, that had a musical theme. I also wanted it to be more contemporary and less Mexican folk art. I've been listening to a lot of They Might Be Giants.  I just started listening to They Might Be Giants and I like them a lot. In fact, I was hoping I would get some new (to me) They Might Be Giants for Mother’s Day, but instead, my offspring decided to give me the flu. But I digress. Even as skeletons, I think they make fairly identifiable characters. I like that the pink bunny moon can serve as my signature, since my shop totem for My Good Babushka is the little babushka-wearing rabbit. I also love, love, love my little blue moth with skull wings.
Below are some of my other Day of the Dead hand embroidered pieces available at My Good Babushka.

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