Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Black Dinner

The Black Dinner. But not the real Black Dinner. The real Black Dinner was the one in Scotland in 1440. 16-year-old William Douglas, 6th Earl of Douglas and his brother were invited to dine with the ten-year-old King James II of Scotland. The occasion was organized by the Lord Chancellor, Sir William Crichton. While they ate, a black bull’s head, the symbol of death, was brought in and placed before the Earl. The two brothers were then dragged out to Castle Hill, given a mock trial and beheaded. The Clan Douglas then laid siege to Edinburgh Castle. Perceiving the danger, Crichton surrendered the castle to the king and was rewarded with the title Lord Crichton.

I just liked the words "The Black Dinner", so I made my own somber little dinner party. The Black Dinner. By Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler

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