Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And She Shall Have Music...

I started out by reading books of nursery rhymes because "Nursery Rhymes" is our theme. I had a good time perusing my small collection of antique children's books. There is one in particular that is inscribed "To Donald, love Mother. 1929." And it is written in a very scrawly, unsteady hand. I wonder often if that mother could even read those stories to her little son, and it makes my heart ache.

You're about to have a little insight into the ass-backward way I work. I pick a title first. For my first selection I chose "and she shall have music wherever she goes." As I thought about it, I imagined a woman emerging from, or whose body contained a band organ, calliope type machine, and she would be drifting across a starry desert. Delirious, illuminated in music. I really liked a picture of a stack of hat boxes beginning to lean, and I thought she should have that sort of vertiginous tilt. I set about sketching.

Here is my little studio, I've pasted some good source photos up on a piece of wrapping paper and duct taped it next to my easel. I get a lot of pictures from Architectual Digest. Wonderful stuff, that.

And here is a gratuitous shot out of my studio window of our pretty maple tree. It really needs to be topped and shaped soon. It's a bit wild.


Niall said...

I wondered what size canvas you I know. I know I like to show the development of my work..but it is so much more interesting to see how you go about yours..I never realised before..but I gives one the feeling that one is involved somehow and that the desire to 'be there' as it grows is strong...will await further development.

Julie Schuler said...

i often forget to include dimensions! Then when I want to enter a show, I'm scrambling for a ruler or tape measure.