Thursday, November 29, 2007

And She Shall Have Music

I worked out the sky. The main colors are to be blue and rosy, I think. I like the stormy ragged clouds. Sometimes I overwork the background. I used to have a problem letting my brushstrokes show. I really love seeing the brushstrokes in the work of others, but somehow I got weird about my own and often overblended. I timed myself. I listened to "Russian Orchestral Favorites" after I got the canvas covered with paint, I played Khachaturian's Saber Dance twice through and then called it done. It was getting dark as I took this picture. Next time I'll take the canvas into some better light when I take the photos.

I couldn't help but play around with the face, since I'm not really settled on how it should look. Langorous, I guess. The first is in pinks and greens, and the second is in pinks and blues. It has a long way to evolve. I love pinks and blues and greens to really show up in the skin- it makes it very Klimt-y.


Niall said...

As you know..I am hoping to work in oils someday I am watching carefully to gain some ideas.

I love working to music too..I can just imagine the swirling sounds coming from under the door to your studio...

Julie Schuler said...

I hope to work in oils again some day, too! All my works for the past five years (my breeding season) have been in acrylic. My studio is entirely non-toxic. Oh, but I miss the smell of turpentine and rabbitskin glue sometimes! Such a range of gels and extenders and other media are available now, you can readily approximate the look of oils.