Thursday, December 13, 2007

And She Shall Have Music

Here is Justin, pointing out his favorite parts of Mommy's painting.

Here I am on my beloved painting day- Saturday! When Daddy takes the boys out, and I don't even comb my hair! I just take a lot of coffee in my special thermos cup and hide away in my tiny studio. Glee. I listen to a lot of Tom Waits, and sometimes I dance around, you know, just to stay warm.

Sorry about the hair.


Ps said...

Superb picture!!
And this is exactly what i do too (hair and all!)when daddy takes the kids out!!

tlc illustration said...

Hi to 'your' Justin (he's such a cutie).

Happy painting!

Julie Schuler said...

thanks ps! A kindred spirit! Hair and all!

tlc- Hi to your Justin, a fine young man. And happy illustrating!

Niall said...

You look so at home with your work..and it's really good to see the actual size of the piece..the colours are so Justin this must seen huge!