Thursday, December 20, 2007

And She Shall Have Music

Here is the finished piece with some close-ups.

There is a stubborn glare on the right side of the canvas, sorry. Overall, I'm very pleased with this piece. It is 24"x36". I started out with only a very rude sketch and somewhat of an idea, but the finished product is not too far off from how I envisioned it. I'm guessing I put between 35-45 hours into it. Onto the next one!


Niall said...

It's lovely..I like the hand holding the's very graceful!..I know you are pleased with this..and you should be! Do you think your friend Annie would make a doll version of this?...imagine it as a clockwork toy..with sounds!..

Shruti said...

That's so fine.. neat and detailed. :-) First time on ur blog

Julie Schuler said...

Thanks for coming by, shruti!

Niall, I don't think Annie is mechanically inclined, but she has a friend who would definitely be able to build a toy like that.