Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Eating Bread and Honey

The Queen was in the Parlor, Eating Bread and Honey. That's the springboard. So I've taken it rather literally and added a good dose of Freudian symbolism. Here are some of the sketches.

The last one is closest to the composition that I think I want. Lots of phallic bread shapes, a la Salvador Dali, breast shapes, shiny, shiny wet honey. The haughty queen sucking her fingers and staring down the viewer. The knife, castration fear. Keep your eye on the background cabinets. I've got something good and pathological in store. I threw in a few princes, at first mainly for balance, then I thought it whispers of incest and I liked it even better. Baby, this painting has it all! The princes are roughly the ages of my own boys, so I won't have to go far for models.


Niall said...

This is like looking back in describe your work with such deep unrestricted's very inffectious and a joy to share...I love every aspect of your is rich dark and delightful.

Julie Schuler said...

Thanks! I am more excited than I ever have been about a body of work. Being in contact with other artists, like you, has helped me to stay focused.