Monday, January 7, 2008

The Regrettable Contest of Noughts and Crosses, chapter one

In a freedom-loving land where milk and honey flow,
Senator Nought met a shadowy man at the late night picture show.
He'd dug up grainy Polaroids and some video surveillance
of a bank job done in '82 by seven masked assailants.


Bob-kat said...

Very clandestine sounding! But then politics always has this side to it!

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Niall said...

For us reserved 'Brits', your process of electing a president often seems confusing..but it can be said of both our can have only so many clowns in the circus before it stops being funny.

Niall said...

Actually..i've though about what I wrote in the above comment, and I'm being way too cynical!..We actually do have a system where one can say whatever one wants..there is the freedom of democracy unlike many other places. I thank god for our freedom and that our children can have the opportunity to grow and learn...we only have to look at the mess in Kenya or even Pakistan to realise that !

Julie Schuler said...

Niall! Stop ruining my enjoyment of being a malcontent!