Thursday, January 3, 2008

Eating Bread And Honey

I worked until dark, so this is the best picture the light allowed. I worked on the cabinets on the far left. I have a tendency to paint as if I were reading a text, I go left to right. Maybe it's just because I'm right-handed and I don't want to smear anything. My style was generally frowned upon by my instructors, who said you have to work all areas of the painting at the same time. I just can't do it any other way, though. Here is a close up of the left side cabinets.


Niall said...

Listen to everything the instructors have to say...think about it..understand it..then forget it and do it your own way!I love everything about this picture!!

Julie Schuler said...

I tried to listen. I'm never sure I understood why his series of canvases, all of them entirely painted brown, were better than my stuff.