Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Fortune Teller

Brilliantly creepy and culled from YouTube.

Added: December 03, 2006
"The Fortune Teller reveals a world of curiosities as seven unusual characters are invited to the estate of a late millionaire industrialist and informed they've been included in his will. On a dark night, the strangers arrive at the late millionaire's mansion only to learn their inheritances will be based not on a will, but on the readings of a fortune teller. One by one, each is delivered what they have coming to them, but perhaps not what they are expecting. Seven strangers' twisted tales are brought to life in a handcrafted marionette play and woven with haunting music to tell an eerily comic story of fate and fortune..."
by Erik Sanko


Niall said...

They're brilliant aren't they? The music sets the scene perfectly.In fact i think this type of music epitomises some of your work too..I love it!

The Grunt said...

Marionettes freak me out. I still dig them anyway.

Julie Schuler said...

All doll lovers should refer to my friend, Annie Vicar's site- Dolls and Skellery. She's got the knack.