Thursday, March 27, 2008


I am currently accepting commissions! Here are samples of my portrait work.
My rates are very reasonable and payment can be arranged through Paypal.

Contact me at or find out more about me on my myspace page- .


Niall said...

i'm not that keen on doing portraits for commision..but needs must. It's a bugbear of mine that people always ask: "do you do portraits of children or animals?" I like the portrait of the sleeping child at the top best.

Devil Mood said...

I hope that's a doll on the first picture, it really scared me to see the baby in danger of choking. lol

I really like the married couple :)

Julie Schuler said...

niall-well you can always refer those bugbears to me. I'm a brush for hire.

devilmood- that married couple is just as gorgeous in real life, disgusting, really.

Niall said...

I will send any your way..I think your work is very individual as you know.

The Grunt said...

I think it would have been interesting for me to have had a portrait done of me when my eyes were sunken, my skin was a pale gray, and had no hair whatsoever. I look too normal now. I'm not complaining, though.