Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sacred Heart

Here is a special treat. I am allowed to post the progress of a very special commission. I will call this my "Sacred Heart" Portrait. I think this is going to be an especially gorgeous piece. All the symbols, still life accoutrements, animals, have been selected by the client. I would really like to do this sort of portrait another time. If you are interested in a customized portrait please contact me. My rates are very reasonable. This piece will be 18" x 24"


The Grunt said...

I like the concept here. What exactly would you need for a portrait? Would a photo suffice for your reference/model?

Julie Schuler said...

I met with this client and we talked about the sort of pose she wanted. She sent me separate pictures- one of her hair styled the way it should be in the picture, one after her hair had been freshly dyed the color she wanted, about four pictures of her in the pose she preferred, each a slight variation, and one picture of her cat. The rest of the stuff I researched and compiled from different photographs. I don't think I would like to work from a single photograph, unless it were a very simple, straightforward portrait. For an invented portrait like this one, I might like five or six different shots.