Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hand Embroidered Memento Mori in Eden

Recently finished and added to my Etsy shop this very morning.
My Good Babushka


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness. That is magnificent. Hand work like that is always amazing. Julie, you have your e-mail address set wrong. Whenever I try to e-mail you it kicks back. You might want to check that! Happy Sunday. Jenny

Julie Schuler said...

Wow, yeah. That was a pretty old e-mail address. Thanks for letting me know. I updated it.

5thsister said...

Jenny, thanks for letting Julie know! I was at work all weekend and when I got home I had all these emails kicked back.

I wasn't ignoring you, Julie! Honest! This embroidery turned out terrific! Great job!

Chris Tea said...

squeel! I really like that! I love that.