Thursday, January 14, 2010

Horror Realm Convention 2010

If you are going to be in the South Hills Area of Pittsburgh this September 17-19 and you like scary movies then Horror Realm 2010 is the place to be. It's a super great time. An earlier incarnation of this convention was where I got my start as an exhibitor/vendor. Now I'm addicted to the little "Vendor" or "Exhibitor" plastic tags on lanyards that you get when you check in. I like being able to stroll in and out of the dealer room with my lanyard on, it makes me feel powerful.


NightSwimmer said...

Ooo fun. Conventions rock. You shall look very powerful indeed. Waaa-haa-haa-haaa (spooky laugh.)

5thsister said...

Not my genre. I'll pass this time! LOL!

Jenny said...

I'm with 5th Sister. Horror scares me. D'oh. But the lanyards are cool.