Wednesday, February 10, 2010

White as a Cuttlefish Bone

Former collection of Robert Desnos, artist unknown

I found some day-reveries I penned some time ago. I thought I might post them, again, as an excuse to feature some very nice works of art. Also I thought I might benefit from re-reading them because I am trying hard to get back into writing out my thoughts and investigating what sort of person I am.

Number 1-

Rain had lapped up and warbled the windows. The room was obscure. In the shadow like a child secreted beneath a table, I made my thoughts to froth and foam. Holding them in my mouth, I swallowed them unspoken. As the full stain of night bloomed, I took down my drowning bag from its silver nail. I emptied its contents, warm and brackish, onto the floor. What bounty! What ruins! There, an apostle's spoon, and there, a chipped tooth nestled in a baby's shoe. Here, a mother of pearl knife handle, and there, raveled stockings. A green glass jar filled with something viscous, pungent, unknowable. An amethyst brooch. He put on one disguise after another and came nearer. He sidled up close to me and I tried to catch him tight in that sack. He broke loose and fled. I listened to the drip drip of the rainspout.

William Merritt Chase
American (1849–1916)
Still Life with Fish, date unknown
Oil on canvas
17 1/2" x 21 1/2"
The Sullivan Collection, The Peabody College Collection, Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery

Anne Valayer Coster 1769
oil on canvas 130x97 cm
Louvre, Paris


Kass said...

Stunningly beautiful! And the pictures you chose to go with your excellent writing superb!

NightSwimmer said...

Keep writing.

prashant said...

I agree with 5thsister, nice portrait. Something very special and you can't buy one like it.

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5thsister said...

I'm not sure I can come up with words that would do this post justice but as NightSwimmer summed up so nicely: keep writing!

Mumsy said...

These are gorgeous art pieces, and I love what you've written..It will come back to you in full force..

moneythoughts said...

Nice work.

My name is PJ. said...

Why would I ever pick up a pen when I can read your work?

Seriously talented, but even more than that it's fascinating. You have a wayyyyyyyyyyyyy cool brain.