Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Family Portrait Day 4

Here you can see the portrait of the three little boys come together. If you are just joining us, this is a composite portrait- six portraits combined from five different photos. I think this composition is working very well and looks very natural.

If you have a family photo you would like to have done as a painted portrait you will be happy to know that my rates are very reasonable-
9" x 12" $100
11" x 14" $200
16" x 20" $300
18" x 24" $400
22" x 28" $500
24" x 36" $600

These are my most requested sizes and their prices, but I am happy to work to your specifications. Making a composite from different photos- add $50. I require half up front, the remainder plus shipping after your approval of the finished work.
Contact me at either


moneythoughts said...

I wrote to a woman that paints portraits for a living and has done so for many years in KY. I asked her to write to you and encourage you to become a portrait painter, but I see you are already doing it. She gets several thousand dollars for an oil portrait and with time and practice, I think you could move into that range too.

Good luck.

Sue said...

This is really shaping up, isn't it? You are so good with detail.


Tina said...

I agree, the composition is wonderful. You'd never know that you positioned them from other shots. And wow, those boys. ADORABLE!!