Monday, October 18, 2010

Horror Realm Convention 2010

Here is our Horror Realm Convention neighbor, John Towers. He writes and draws his own comics, and he was doing zombie portraits right there at his table. It was cool to watch him work. He is very fast and precise. See his website Go ahead and get your zombie portrait done! It's a real bargain.

Here's our table. It's a bit blurry. oops. And no, we are not selling those T-shirts hanging behind us, that was our neighbors to the other side, taking up more room. grrr.

Sweet little ghoul. She was so patient getting her make up done. It took at least twenty minutes. I woulda been all squirmy.

And here is Annie Vicar with her doll display. You can visit Annie's shop- Annie Vicar's Dolls and Skellery!


Kass said...

Zombie ghoul girl is really into it.

Hope you sold lots of stuff at your booth.

Sue said...

What a crazy venue that is!