Friday, October 29, 2010

Watermelon Party. Day 1

I purchased a copy of this Watermelon Party picture (my title) from a great curator of vintage photos, his blog is here: Could it be Madness-this?
I am taking a great many liberties with it, as you can see. I have changed the background and simplified the lines a great deal. I've changed the tones to pinks and greens, because I want to carry those watermelon colors all throughout.
I am trying to paint the tiny portraits of the watermelon eaters with a certain degree of fidelity, even if the palette is changed.


5thsister said...

I like the fact that you've chosen to repeat the color scheme. I already like the tone of the background.

Sue said...

I like the background changes, but I'm glad you're staying true to the color scheme, too.


My name is PJ. said...

I so enjoy watching the process of your art, Julie! It's always, always fascinating!

spags said...

i love it jules! i love, also, to watch the whole process come to life. you have mad skills.

Mrs. B said...

Yes, absolutely wonderful madness!