Friday, November 5, 2010

Our Last Show of the Year!

My Good Babushka will be appearing with fine art prints and chainmaille jewelry at The Oddmall in Hudson, Ohio. That is TOMORROW from 10 to 6. I've never been to this show before, but it's FREE to the public and I've heard there's a lot of neat stuff there.
Here's the address:
Clarion Hotel and Conference Center (Akron area)
240 East Hines Hills Road
Hudson, Ohio 44236

But if you don't feel like coming out, you can still get fine art prints, jewelry and a lot of other neat things from my etsy shop - My Good Babushka, and I will ship your fine gooderies right to you.


Sue said...

I'll definitely check out the etsy shop. Good luck!


Sue said...

The Etsy shop said you were on vacation and would be back tomorrow?

Now I'm confused.


Tina said...

As a self-professed word nerd, I so appreciated the conglomerated holiday name!