Friday, September 2, 2011


Here is an embroidery I've been working on- an art deco-ish inspired bit of a fancy dressed lady looking up at the moon through her telescope. The background is plain cotton, and not filled in with embroidery stitching, like the ones I do on canvas. So this one went pretty fast. The finished cushion is available at my etsy store. Astronomy Pillow at My Good Babushka

My friend Jenny from Jenny's blog Off On My Tangent sent me this really kooky yarn and I've been trying to think of just the right thing to make with it. It's really furry and muppety. It reminded me of the fluff on the cats in the classic carnival game, the cat rack. Sometimes the dolls or targets are painted as clowns, and you have to knock them down with a ball. I always wished that you could win the fuzzy target, instead of the stuffed animals that were usually the prize. So I am going to make my own cat rack target dolls and use the kooky yarn as their furry fringes

Here is my first one. Available now at my etsy shop. Cat Rack Carnival Punk at My Good Babushka

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Christy said...

I feel like I just spent the evening under the stars at a carnival!