Thursday, October 20, 2011


I've had the composition for this picture in my head for a while. This is a long canvas and it just seemed the right place to have a child hanging on a long swing. I like the way the swing set poles slice into the composition. I am using acrylic paint with a gel medium. I'm really trying to layer the colors and get a good, shimmery, layered look to the paint. I've dropped in this house. A yellow house. It's a personal symbol as I've always felt a yellow house is a very hospitable, warm place. The only yellow house I have in my history was the house of my great-grandmother, whom I believed lived in a yellow house next to my paternal grandparents. I never set a foot in that house, so it is strange that I associate it with home-ness. But that is just typical for me, the place I associate with warmth, acceptance and nourishment would be a place I never visited! My house doesn't even have windows and doors, it is utterly closed.

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Jenny said...

This has a really interesting primitive quality to it.