Friday, October 21, 2011


I finally got some pictures in clear daylight. There is another barrier in front of the house now. Some white picket fence that reminds me of bared teeth. There is a little echo or resonating of the vertical lines just beyond the house. I did a lot of layering, wiping, and restructuring the sky. It is a blue sky, but also filled with shadows. It could be the undefined shady foliage of big trees, or an impending storm. I am leaving the ambiguity there. The sunlight is playing on the grass. I worked on the face of the child, which is me. Looking vaguely worried with a sort of peanut shaped head. This can't help being autobiographical in some sense, but I want it to be translatable to everyone. All children have played alone at times, and felt the feeling of the houses being shut to them. It makes me think of the wind in the grass and the sound of a mourning dove, which I always mistook for owls when I was little.

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