Monday, August 20, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow, Part 2

Near the sidewalk that goes past our house, there are many large stones. I've been told by my 88 year old neighbor that there was a quarry here, or near here at some time in New Castle's history. These rocks were taken from just across the street, when the previous owner of our house helped them level that yard. I planted forget-me-nots around the rocks. They were also very slow to start and only a few came up, but I will take some seeds from these hardy survivors and sow them again next year. I love the color of forget-me-nots and they are such little, perfectly shaped flowers, it looks like they were embroidered right on. Forget-me-nots are very popular flowers to embroider.
Here is a row of zucchini plants along the side of my house. I love the way they look so big and prehistoric. The flowers are pretty, too.
Sadly, this is what I have at the front of my house. A rose bush I never trimmed back, like I should have. A box of marigolds that were supposed to have white blooms, but mine just keep growing taller and taller without blooming. You can't see it, but behind that is a very small rhododendron that I planted this year. And what's that thing on the left? I don't know. In the spring it gets balls of small white flowers. It's leaves are sort of fuzzy, like sage. It makes some sort of berry type seed that started out green and now they're red. Any guesses?

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Viki said...

Wow, I'm impressed that your grass is green. Around here most of the grass is yellow, ha!