Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow, Part 3

A nice picture of my zucchini plants. I like to have my zucchini breaded and fried, even though I know that's not very good for you.
There is a little gardening space right here, next to my garage. I planted mixed variety leaf lettuce, a mangled up heap of basil and spinach, and spring onions in here. I should probably get more organized next year. Fates willing that I am here to garden next year.
I can't even eat these spring onions. For some reason or another, I've developed a digestive intolerance to them. To many of the plants in the lily family. That bums me out.
Here is the really nice picnic table that my husband built this year. I think we are going to make a hole in the middle so we can put a big umbrella in it. Or maybe just move it back into the shade of our pretty oak tree at the back of our yard.
I planted Roma tomatoes on the side of my house, these are on the other side of the air conditioner. I put zucchini on one half and tomatoes on the other. Many of my tomatoes got knocked off when the old roof was sloughed off and they took a battering of many shingles, but many survived.

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