Friday, January 18, 2013

St. Andrew's Parade

Continuing with my take on The Golden Legend, I've started a sketch about St. Andrew.

 At Stratton in Cornwall, on St. Andrew's Day, the youth would parade through town blowing unmelodious horns and strumming tin pans to drive out evil spirits. The handbell ringers follow to invite better, gentler spirits. (From The Dictionary of Faiths and Folklore. Beliefs, Superstitions and Popular Customs compiled by W.C. Hazlett) There is a pretty 12th century Norman church dedicated to St. Andrew there.

 St Andrew is invoked to ward off wolves, the enemy of travelers, who are thought to be able to speak to humans on St. Andrew's Eve (Nov 29). A human hearing a wolf speak to him will die.

 Saint Andrew was purported to drive seven demons in the shape of dogs out of Nicaea, but then when he came to the next town, the dogs had killed a young man and he was about to be buried. So he raised that man from the dead. I wonder if he just let the devils hang out at Nicaea, if he would have saved himself some work?

 In this sketch I sought to combine the parade with the driving out of the demons.

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